AGC_truckWhat can we do for you? The return on investment with the Associated General Contractors of Maine is clear.  Besides our efforts to secure new funding for roads, bridges and public infrastructure, we work to protect the industry from burdensome regulations, fees and taxes.

Our staff is here to provide a resource for members. We assist with problems or questions related to safety, training, technical and legislative. AGC Maine provides the ability for industry issues to be researched, discussed and outcomes to be executed with professional leadership.

This year, we created and delivered a custom training program for a member company with an urgent need on holiday weekend, freed up a construction project that was stalled in a state regulatory process and weighed in on a local referendum that lead to a $2 million dollar job being awarded.  The bottom line is the staff at AGC Maine works for members.


Like everything else in life, you get out of AGC what you put into it.  Get involved in the AGC committee that affects your part of the construction industry.  Be a part of the fight for sustainable infrastructure funding and a reasonable regulatory environment.  Nobody else is going to do it for you.

Visit us when you’re passing through Augusta… the coffee is always on!