Why AGC Maine? Our Chapter is evolving with the marketplace. Since 1951 we have led the charge in Maine for contractors on legislative policy, regulatory reform, business networking and workforce development. Today’s challenges are tougher than ever, and because of that our role in the industry is more important.

We are member driven. Our Board is representative of the firms who choose to be members. Our bylaws require board composition of members that include general contractors, specialty contractors, suppliers and service providers. The diversity allows policy to ensure we are considering industry objectives and an environment where we are working together for common goals.

While some of the traditions of 1951 still exist we are adapting. Our policy decisions are driven by the marketplace and our working committees spend hours developing goals each year. We also celebrate the best of the industry. Each year the Chapter awards the best construction projects, recognizes safety achievements and rewards industry leaders for their contribution to construction.

AGC is dedicated to ensuring a sound and healthy construction industry, and providing the public with an assurance of the skill, responsibility and integrity of AGC-member firms. AGC Maine works for Maine’s Construction Companies by providing necessary leadership on issues from site work development to environmental policy.

We invite all Maine contractors and the business that provide professional services and supplies to join our efforts. When the sun sets and rises each day our members trust our team is working hard for more vibrant marketplace, safer industry and stronger workforce. Join us.

Our Mission
The mission of the Associated General Contractors of Maine is to enhance the environment in which the association’s contractor members work by developing a healthy market for construction services, promote the balanced interests of its members and advocate for the highest standards of skill, responsibility and integrity.

Association Profile
AGC has more than 180 active general contractor, specialty contractor, associate and affiliate members, including equipment and materials suppliers, insurance companies, bonding firms, financial institutions, consultants and others with an interest in the construction industry.

The Chapter members and staff maintain a continuous relationship with the Bureau of General Services, Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection, Federal Highway Administration, Bureau of Labor and numerous other governmental agencies.

AGC Maine also controls the operation of the Build Maine Political Action Committee (Build Maine PAC). The Build Maine PAC is an independent non-partisan organization operating in compliance with applicable State and Federal laws and regulations. It is a voluntary, non-profit committee of construction industry leaders who want to help make Maine more competitive.

A priority for the industry and AGC Maine is the preservation of current jobs and the development of qualified and skilled workers to replace the current generation as they retire. What is so refreshing about our approach is the concept of designing an informational campaign to increase the appetitie for a career in construction coupled with the resources to support those efforts. Read More About Education Here