ECG Kickstarter Event: April 18th, 2019, Rising Tide Brewery, Portland

The Emerging Contractors Group is a self-led group of young leaders in the construction industry. The ECG will tackle community benefit projects, work with students learning trades and develop education programs to advance the industry. AGC Maine’s Board of Directors approved the group in 2019. The steering committee was appointed, but future members of the committee will be selected by active members of the EGC. 

Steering Committee

Brett Plossay, Crooker Construction
Michelle Keegan, HE Callahan
Code Dube, Langford & Low
Joey Smith, Great Falls Construction

Want to join the ECG? It’s simple. Fill out an application.

What kind of activities will the ECG be engaged in 2019? The ECG will tackle a project with Make-a-Wish Foundation, be active with Career and Technical Education Centers, UMaine System and Community Colleges. They will support the 5k Trail Race in Gorham, and the BBQ in Orono in September. Meetings will be held throughout Maine, and typically be right after work for a couple of hours.

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