Associated General Contractors of Maine is dedicated to the betterment of our community and state. Besides working for stronger transportation and infrastructure to provide safe means of working and living our members also contribute to their individual towns and cities.

Emergency Services Mobilization Program (ESMP) [View ESMP Page]
AGC Maine & Maine Emergency Management Agency
Working Together to Protect Life and Property!

AGC Maine Staff Respond to the Call for Service

The Emergency Services Mobilization Program builds on a decades-long tradition of the construction industry assisting government in times of disaster.

Original known as the Fast Aid program ESMP is a proven success dealing with events from flooding to ice storms. Since the creation several evolutions and testing have brought the program into a well developed model for a public and private sector partnership during difficult times.

In 2008 another test for industry arrived when an ice storm hammered Southern and Central Maine. Industry worked quickly by assisting with portable power and lights for over four days in tough winter conditions.

“The response of AGC during this event has been tremendous.  Maine has been well served by your folks.  Please pass on my appreciation to all those involved.”Director Robert McAleer, Maine Emergency Management Agency on AGC’s response to the 2008 Ice Storm.

AGC Maine continues to improve response by adding a new database to coordinate the effort and improving the method of notifying members. The people of Maine will always have the construction industry prepared for handling emergencies from Kittery to Fort Kent.

Supporting Education

AGC Maine developed a diverse method to supporting education in the construction industry. From programs designed to inform young children of the opportunities in the industry to financial support in college and continuing education we are focused on the future.

  • Construction Camp
    Each year AGC Maine operates construction camp in conjunction with Augusta Children’s Discovery Museum. The camp is one week in July and filled with activities related to the industry.

    AGC Maine hosts the annual UMaine Welcoming BBQ.

  • Career Fairs, Motivational Speaking & Business Panels
    AGC Staff and members present to career fairs, schools and trade schools across the state.
  • Education Foundation
    Realizing responsibility for supporting a students aspirations is more than a motivating speech AGC Maine members organized an education foundation to financially support students who excel.
  • Secondary Education
    AGC Maine works closely with the UMaine, USM and the Maine Community College System to develop industry programs, support existing programs and advance the industry.

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Joy of Sharing

Each year AGC Maine coordinates the All Industry Meeting in December. The meeting brings together members of the Maine’s construction community including architects, engineers and construction companies.

CPM Construction’s Tim Ouellete and WGME 13’s Kim Block

As a tradition attendees are encouraged to bring unwrapped toys to the meeting for children and teenagers across the state who are might not otherwise receive a Christmas present.

The event has become a contest for members to see who can bring the most and in return some very happy children will find gifts Christmas morning. After the toys are loaded into the van they are brought to WGME 13 in Portland for distribution.

Build Maine Awards
The Build Maine Awards are selected annually and celebrated at the Construction Expo in Augusta each April. Building, Highway/Bridge, Utility, Municipal, Subcontractor/Speciality are the different catagories. Read more about the Build Maine Awards and see photos from past years here.