Eric Giguere, who was buried in a trench, shares his experience.

Eric Giguere, who was buried in a trench, shares his experience.

In 2009 AGC Maine worked with state agencies, construction firms and trade associations in Maine to create an effort to train contractors on trench and excavation safety. The first seminar was a joint effort with ETTI, Shaw Brothers, RJ Grondin & Sons in February 2010.  The event was a tremendous success with over 40o construction workers in attendance. Below are some resources for continued education:

Caution Kids!
AGC Maine developed an effort to educate parents, kids, teachers and contractors about site safety. The idea was created during a working group process to review unattended trenches. Representative Gary Connor of Kennebunk sponsored legislation resulting in a positive change in procedures for Maine contractors. In the coming months AGC Maine will be part of a group to develop this effort and enhance the safety of Maine’s citizens. AGC Maine believes the project should include a broader scope than trench safety.

Unattended Trench Safety

The Working Group Report will be presented to the Maine State Legislature’s Transportation Committee.

Read Working Group Report

The BMP for unattended trenches is result of the working group created to review state policy on the issue. The BMP should be adapted into your company handbook and utilized onsite.

Download Best Management Practices & Procedures

The PowerPoint can be downloaded and modified to include the contractor’s logo/contact information and job location. The purpose is to educate neighbors, children and parents about the potential risk and encouraging reporting of children playing near construction activity.

Download PowerPoint

The handout is designed for distribution to area schools, community centers, senior centers and should be used when job sites impact their local area.

Download Handout

jackie_02_smThe Jackie Moore Fund works to educate the public and contractors about the potential dangers of unattended trenches. The fund was created years after Jackie Moore, who was four, entered an unattended trench with her seven year old brother to get a ball. In a tragic scenario the young girl did not survive after rescuers recovered her from the trench. The Moore family provides decals for contractors to remind them to leave the site safe at night.

Jackie Moore Fund

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