Terri Strouse, Project Manager of the Pleasantdale CSO project.

Gorham Sand and Gravel earned the distinguished Utility Division Build Maine Award for their work in South Portland. The Build Maine Award is a competitive review by an independent panel of judges from the design, engineering, construction community, and representative who carefully grades the projects into consideration.

The Pleasantdale combined sewer outfall and water main replacement project in South Portland was a $7,029,000.00 project that was completed in 18 months.  The project started in April of 2018 and was completed in September of 2019.  The project included the installation of 20,000 LF of sewer, drain, and water pipe, 106 drainage and sewer structures, including 2 manholes that needed to be supported on piles, reconstruction of a railroad crossing, road reconstruction, and improvements, plus new traffic signals in Broadway.  The primary goal of the project was to separate stormwater from the sewer system, to prevent overflows into the Fore River, and to replace the aging water mains.

“Gorham Sand and Gravel had a very challenging job in a tight area within a neighborhood that also provides access to critical energy storage facilities. Teamwork was essential as they coordinated utility work and maintained the safety of their team and residents. This project demonstrates that beyond hard work, careful planning, communication, and experience makes a vital difference in success,” said Matt Marks of AGC Maine.

The location of the project presented numerous logistical challenges.  Elm Street, where the existing 36”  sewer mainline is located, was the only access to Turner Island a fuel tank farm that operates 24 hours per day, 7days a week, and averages 250 fuel trucks per week needed to remain operational throughout the entire project.  In addition, a railroad crossing on Elm Street needed to be reconstructed and could only be shut down for 10 days.  Global Co., another fuel storage facility located at the end of N. Kelsey Street could not have their water shut off for more than 2 hours at a time in order to maintain their boiler system, needed their fire service line replaced.  The Greenbelt Trail, a pedestrian and bike trail, ran through the neighborhood, and access needed to be maintained throughout construction.

Broadway, one of the most heavily traveled roads in the City, had the water main replaced along with all services, plus sewer and drainage work.  The traffic signals at the intersection of Broadway and Elm Street were replaced with updated equipment.  The businesses along Broadway needed access maintained in order to service their customers.  The project included 9 residential streets, with N. Kelsey and Elm Street being the only two streets available to exit the neighborhood.

The Pleasantdale project was a successful project due to the collaborative efforts of Brad Weeks and Justin Gove with the Water Resources Department, Dan Riley, Mike Kane, and Eric Castonguay with Sebago Technics, who provided engineering and inspection services, Ned Peirce and Jay Arnold with the Portland Water District, subcontractors Dayton Sand & Gravel, Dirigo Slipform Curb, Moulison North, Railworks and Granite State Curbsetters, and the support of the South Portland Police and Fire Departments.  Special thanks to property owners Roger & Melody Hale, who allowed the fuel tankers to be detoured over their property so we could work in Elm Street.