Building Maine’s Future During a Crisis

March 27, 2020, Augusta, Maine – Maine’s construction industry is taking extraordinary precautions to protect front-line workers who are building Maine during the health crisis. “Right now, construction workers are ensuring that the backbone of our state’s economy is stable during and after the crisis. Their role in protecting the financial future of Maine and keeping the critical infrastructure running is key to our recovery efforts,” said Matt Marks of AGC Maine.

The heavily regulated construction industry is equipped to follow new standards in health safety. AGC Maine created a resource page for employers and employees with best practices. The information includes procedures to protect workers, dealing with site security and recommendations for reducing exposure.

“Every situation is going to be different, and Maine’s short construction season, regulatory work windows, all impact timelines. That means critical infrastructure like water projects, and bridge repairs are under extreme pressure. We, like everyone else, will continue to monitor health and safety information to make sure workers can safely do their jobs,” said Marks.

Through ought, the United States decision-makers have debated what is considered essential and with very few exceptions all recognized that building America’s future, ensuring we bounce back is critical.

“We absolutely cannot trade the health of construction workers for the end product. We urge every single contractor to adopt best practices, take this seriously, Maine is counting on a recovery effort, and the skilled workers of Maine are doing a tremendous job,” said Marks.

As new information evolves, AGC Maine updates its website dedicated to the COVID-19 crisis