An exciting safety milestone has recently been reached by Enterprise Trenchless Technologies, Inc.!

ETTI, a directional drilling company based out of Lisbon Fall, ME, surpassed the Quarter-Million hour mark for hours worked without a loss time injury. The milestone was reached on March 22, 2012.

The path to this achievement spanned over an 8 year period, starting in 2003.  We believe that this achievement is the direct result of a work culture based on hard work and commitment to teamwork, strong management support, and the right attitude towards safety.  ETTI has also recently been recognized by the Maine Chapter of Associated General Contractors for their outstanding safety record.

During these 8 years, ETTI has grown from a team of less than 10, to a team of more than 20, making this milestone a huge accomplishment due to the amount of hours logged for such a small team.  The ETTI team works throughout the New England Region, and even into New York State performing construction activities that include the following: Horizontal Directional Drilling, Water and Sewer Line Installations, Natural Gas Service and Main Line Installations, and many other labor intensive projects.

ETTI is extremely proud to have a team who not only keeps their own safety in mind, but also that of their co-workers.  They all deserve credit for their hard work and commitment to ETTI’s safety program, including the company safety officers, Ryan Dionne, Travis Merrill, and Nick Frost.  ETTI makes it a priority each and every day to ensure that each team member makes it home safely to their families.