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Citizens, Interest Groups Ask Legislature to Complete Maine’s Business

Representatives highlight funding needs for caregivers, infrastructure funding, education funding and more AUGUSTA — A broad collection of more than 120 organizations and businesses representing nearly every facet of the state’s economy, livelihood, and quality of life joined together today to urge the Legislature to reconvene to complete its unfinished business. The issues left on [...]

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Infrastructure Week Highlights Need for Wastewater Investment

Storms Add to Infrastructure Stress May 15, 2018, Augusta, Maine- Water and wastewater districts are reminded daily of the need to upgrade facilities, but storms often bring those issues to the surface revealing troubling issues for the public. While necessary today, dumping wastewater into waterways can be stopped. Underground utilities are too often out of [...]

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Contractors Awarded for Best Projects of the Year

AGC Maine Build Maine Awards Presented in Partnership with Cross Insurance and ETTI, Inc. Wednesday, April 11, 2018, Augusta, Maine-The Associated General Contractors of Maine awarded five projects as best of the year with a celebration dinner at the Augusta Civic Center. The dinner was held in conjunction with the National Association of Women in [...]

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AGC Maine Build Maine Awards Presented by ETTI and Cross Insurance

AGC Maine's Build Maine Award program is April 11th at the Augusta Civic Center. The program features awards for building, highway/bridge, municipal/marine, environmental, and utility. The competitive process allows construction companies to submit their best projects to be reviewed by independent judges from the design, construction and engineering community. The annual celebration is held at [...]

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TARIFF INCREASES THREATEN TO MAKE MANY PROJECTS UNAFFORDABLE Association Officials Urge Trump Administration, Congress to Find a Way to Stimulate Demand for Domestic Steel and Aluminum that Won’t Undermine Construction Demand, Impact Broader Economy Construction costs escalated in February, driven by price increases for a wide range of building materials including steel and aluminum, according [...]

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