Socialist Effort to Kill Construction Jobs in Maine’s Largest City 

Radical groups are on the move and targeting Maine. First, they are starting in Portland but will advance their job-killing, anti-development agenda statewide if voters pass two measures in the  City of Portland.

Let me explain; the Southern Maine Democratic Socialists of America launched a marketing campaign disguised as People First Portland to move measures that have failed numerous times. The complex ordinances would include major changes to the market, some they have already tested at the Maine legislature, AND if they pass, they cannot be changed for five years. If enacted, here are the immediate impacts:

    • The city adopts language that will discriminate against the majority of construction firms (greater than 95% in our estimation) in the public bidding process will be effective immediately.
    • Creates standards that will reduce Portland’s chances, or even eliminate new public affordable housing. It also creates a hostile environment for developers who build housing outside of state or local programs, which will hurt working Mainers.
    • Reduces the attractiveness for developers to choose an area that is subject to radical
    • Dramatically increases labor costs for local small businesses. Many businesses are closing their doors, and others are struggling to stay open; this is the worst time to make it more difficult for owners and workers who will lose opportunities.

You can view the citizen ballot questions by clicking here and scrolling to Portland’s Ballot Question C (Building Codes and Responsible Contractor Language) and Portland’s Ballot Question A ($22.50 Minimum Wage) for the full text.










Disclaimer: The purpose of this page is to educate AGC Maine members on measures that impact their workers and businesses.