Landry/French Construction Wins 2023 Build Maine Award in Building Division for its Paul J. Schupf Art Center Project

Like many Maine communities, Waterville’s economy and downtown has been struggling after the loss of its manufacturing base. In 2015, Colby College met with city officials, as well as business and community leaders to develop a revitalization plan. The resulting plan outlined a $200 million investment of public and private funds, with Phase 1 of [...]

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N.S. Giles Wins 2023 Build Maine Award in Energy Division for its Peaks Renewables Project

Producing clean energy is a vital need in today’s world and especially in Maine where more than 60% of households are reliant on oil to heat their homes in winter. N.S. Giles partnered with Peaks Renewables – a subsidiary of Summit Utilities, Inc. – Flood Brothers Farm, and Regenis Digester Construction to build Maine’s first [...]

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Cianbro Wins 2023 Build Maine Award in Bridge Division for its Veranda Street Bridge Replacement Project

Replacing a bridge in a weekend is an incredible feat. The Veranda Street Bridge is on one of Maine’s busiest stretches of highway, with an average of more than 55,000 vehicles passing over it daily. Constructed in 1961, the bridge was deteriorating after decades of heavy use, with an inspection in 2017 citing its condition [...]

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Business and Municipal Leaders Urge Lawmakers to Sustain the Gas Tax Supporting Critical Infrastructure

In 2020, Maine’s Blue-Ribbon Commission on Transportation found the system’s unmet capital need to be $330 million annually. The fuel tax revenue in Maine is currently estimated to bring in approximately $230 million per year. Accordingly, a nine-month gas tax holiday would cost the State Highway Fund $173 million. “This proposal means well but it [...]

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Construction Association Releases New Inflation Alert to Inform Owners, Officials of Cost, Supply, and Labor Challenges; Urges Federal Officials to Take Additional Steps to Ease Supply Change Disruptions

Prices of construction materials jumped more than 20 percent from January  2021 to January 2022, according to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America of government data released today. The association recently posted a new edition of its Construction Inflation Alert, a report to inform project owners, officials, and others about the challenges [...]

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