Work Zone Safety Supervisor Course

This course provides a working knowledge of the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (2009) and will include:

o Principles of traffic control

o Installation and removal techniques

o Safe traffic control areas for workers, motorists, and pedestrians.

One-Day Class.

Time: 8am-1pm (unless listed otherwise)

Dates: [March 7, 2023]


Qualified Rigger and Signal Person

Course Summary:

o Standard/non-standard signals for crane or derrick construction site

o Factors that affect communication

o Crane dynamics

o Basic rigging techniques/calculations for various loads

o Written and practical test for signaling

o Written test for rigging

Certificate and pocket card is issued upon passing and completion of the exam.

Course meets the requirements of OSHA regulations. One-Day Class.

Time: 8am-4pm (unless listed otherwise)

Dates: [March 8, 2023]