Dear Members,

Many of you have met Senator Brad Farrin, as he is a construction industry member himself. Senator Farrin is organizing two events to prepare for the next election cycle. He has been a strong and unifying voice on the Legislature’s Transportation Committee.

One of the most significant bills considered and passed this past session was LD 259, which included a key ame

ndment, introduced by Senator Brad Farrin, providing permanent funding for highways and bridges across Maine.

In what many consider a historic moment, Senator Farrin’s amendment moved transportation funding beyond the short-term and often reactive state funding process to a dedicated sustainable permanent statutory funding model.

Senator Farrin’s leadership on this issue in the Transportation Committee led to bipartisan support within the committee and across the entire legislature to pass this important funding legislation.

I encourage members to attend these important events to continue the hard work that was accomplished this year and to protect the future integrity of the industry. This year we faced more than 2,000 bills and determined nearly 350 had a direct impact on construction, design, and development.

We must support allies in our mission and support industry leaders who have support from their employers to serve in the citizen legislature.

We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events.