November 16, 2020


To our valued Associated General Contractors (AGC) Chapter Members:

As you may know, a group of AGC Chapters in the Northeast Region have been working together to keep abreast of COVID-19 regulations and trends so we can share timely information, best practices, and ideas with our member companies. While our states have employed slightly different approaches, our collective goal has been to keep construction an “essential” industry during this crisis and ensure our members have the information and resources needed to maintain safe working environments.

A hallmark of AGC is a steadfast commitment to safety, and we are proud to say that our members have embraced this call to action. This abiding commitment helps to workers safe and it keeps construction sites open for business.

The current uptick in COVID-19 cases across our region and the nation makes it clear that applying the appropriate safety protocols is more essential than ever – to keep workers and their families safe, and to support economic recovery within our communities.  It is imperative to continue to implement high standards of workplace safety and encourage your employees, partners, and stakeholders to follow the applicable regulations and safety protocols required by your state.

We appreciate your efforts to date as we have evolved to serve our members in new, and mostly virtual, ways.  As always, if you have questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Gary Abbott, Executive Vice President, AGC of NH
Kerrie Bennett, Executive Director, AGC of RI
John Butts, Executive Director, AGC of CT
Ben Connors, President & CEO, GBCA
Dave Daquelente, Executive Director, MBA of Western Pennsylvania, Inc.
Mike Elmendorf, President & CEO, AGC NYS
Matt Marks, CEO, AGC Maine
Bob Petrucelli, President & CEO, AGC MA
Bryon Short, Executive Vice President, Delaware Contractors Association
Richard Wobby, Executive Vice President, AGC of VT