AGC Maine is Strategic Partner for Workforce Development

PORTLAND —  In response to the need for new ways to develop Maine’s workforce, Mainebiz will publish an annual magazine called Work for ME this spring. It is designed to help Maine’s employers specifically target Maine’s emerging workforce.  

The goal is to get Work for ME into the hands of high school students, college students, and job seekers. Mainebiz has developed a distribution list that includes teachers, guidance counselors, career counselors, job placement centers, job training organizations, and workforce development companies. Mainebiz is working with several partners to help provide information and distribution points including the Manufacturing Association of Maine.

“The distribution list provides unique value,” said Publisher Donna Brassard, “We have done the legwork to make the calls and connections with people who will get Work for ME in front of Maine’s emerging workforce.”

A total of 10,000 copies will be distributed in May to “this powerful and desirable audience,” she said.

Work for ME will feature information and stories about jobs and careers in Maine. The magazine will also showcase interviews with young people who are working in Maine today and their advice on building a career. Readers will also find lists of apprenticeship and internship opportunities that can be a stepping stone to their future job. 

“We will be highlighting five essential industries — manufacturing, construction, and the skilled trades, health care, hospitality, and “business services,” Brassard said.

Employers and companies that provide educational, training and job placement services have the opportunity to advertise or to have a company profile included in Work for ME. In either case, employers can tell their stories and share their job openings, benefits, and career opportunities.  

Work for ME will be published on May 11. The advertising and profile deadline is March 24. For more information contact or visit

Work for ME is sponsored by the Maine Department of Labor and supported by its industry partner, AGC Maine.