April 9, 2019, Augusta, Maine-The Associated General Contractors of Maine announced a new group within their organization to build the next generation of leaders within the construction industry. The Emerging Contractors Group will tackle community benefit projects, work with students learning trades and develop education programs to advance the industry.

“We continue to develop stronger education and outreach programs that will build upon the progress our industry has made over its 100-year history in this country. The emerging leader’s group will be a catalyst for personal development, education, networking and community service,” said AGC Maine’s CEO Matt Marks.

AGC Maine appointed a steering committee for the ECG to ensure that communication between the Board of Directors and group continues to evolve. Brett Plossay of Crooker Construction will chair the group, Michelle Keegan, Joey Smith, and Cody Dube will all participate in the first steering group. 

“When we first met ideas flowed quickly, and now that we’ve had a few interactions with each other we believe this will help bring a youthful perspective to industry growth and development,” Plossay commented.

The first meeting of the group is slated for April 18th in Portland at Rising Tide Brewery. At the first meeting, the steering committee will discuss group goals and listen to ideas from attendees. Its open forum will allow for new ideas from members for the group to pursue. 

Michelle Keegan Director of Human Resources and Safety at HE Callahan Construction, “I was a multi-year education scholarship winner that was able to leverage my construction foundation into two different roles during my eight years outside of State of Maine.  Now back in my home state, it gives me great pride to be a part of such a wonderful organization as the AGC that continually strives towards building the future of construction.”

Cody Dube is the Safety Coordinator at Langford and Low Construction and also a recent Mainer who was exiled and returned, “AGC’s Emerging Leaders group is a great way to network, build contacts and give back within the construction industry. Relationships are key, and after spending some time outside of New England, Emerging Leaders will be an important piece in connecting with motivated young professionals in the great state of Maine.”

Building a new generation of leaders is critical to Maine businesses remaining competitive in an increasingly global business environment. Joey Smith of Great Falls Construction is a second generation member builder, “I see this effort as a way to connect young leaders in our industry and show the general public that a career in construction is valued as other professions with the looming college debt.”

The Emerging Contractors Group kickstart is April 18th, 5:30 PM at Rising Tide Brewery in Portland. For more information: www.agcmaine.org/emergingcontractors.