Latest Reports Indicate Recent & Annual Employment Gains

Augusta, Maine-Economists and decision-makers awaited today’s release of employment statistics as the next indicator of the construction marketplace. The report clearly shows a growth trend since 2012. “We are pleased the marketplace is improving. Our goal is to build a stronger Maine economy to provide jobs so the hard working Mainers in the construction industry will not have to leave our state to find work,” remarked CEO Matt Marks of Associated General Contractors of Maine.

Since 2006 the Maine’s construction industry has been hit hard reaching an unprecedented 26% unemployment since peak in 2012. “Today we learned the industry added 1,000 jobs since 2012, and 300 jobs in a one month period,” said Marks.

Nationally AGC America reported 39 other states had similar growth. “It is encouraging that three-quarters of the states are now adding construction jobs on a year-over-year basis,” said Ken Simonson, the association’s chief economist. “Employment increases are still intermittent in too many states, however, and nearly all states are far below their pre-recession highs.”

In Maine recovery has been slow and industry’s support for the recent infrastructure bond package will help recovery efforts. “We often hear about government dysfunction, in Maine we are fortunate leaders worked together and voters approved a spending package to tackle transportation and higher education facility needs. The same kind of leadership will be needed to make sure we invest in water and wastewater beyond the progress we made in the last session. Now if leaders in Washington DC can do the same.” said Marks.

Welcome as the employment gains are, association officials cautioned that industry’s recovery was still uneven and urged Congress and the administration to enact measures to help repair and upgrade aging water and transportation systems. In particular, they urged a Congressional conference committee to settle differences between House and Senate versions of the Water Resources Development Act and pass a final bill. They also urged Congressional negotiators to include infrastructure funding as part of any final budget deal.

“Congress has an opportunity to enact measures that will help put people back to work and make our economy more competitive for years to come,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the AGC America’s chief executive officer. “Making our ports more efficient, our bridges safer and our roads less congested will allow American businesses to be more competitive, our products more affordable and our economy more robust.”

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