Cianbro Looking to Hire Construction Workers Across Maine  

Despite the challenges of the global economy in recent years, Cianbro continues to have an optimistic outlook and the desire and ability to put skilled Mainers to work in good paying jobs.  Cianbro currently has about 150 openings available for a wide range of skilled construction workers; jobs which the company is intent on filling immediately.  The hiring effort comes as the company prepares to tackle the largest backlog of projects in Cianbro’s 63 year history, and follows on the heels of an earlier hiring campaign that brought an additional 250 team members into the firm last fall.

Cianbro is seeking Maine state licensed electricians and helpers who would be assigned to jobs in the Greater Bangor area, Brewer,Auburn, and various substations across the southern part of the state.  Structural iron workers and riggers are needed in Greater Bangor and Brewer.  Cianbro is hiring journey level millwrights, pipewelders and pipefitters for Greater Bangor and Woodland, as well as for the spring outage season when annual maintenance is performed at a number of facilities across the region. Also on the list of jobs:  First class transmission lineworkers, electrical engineers, electrical superintendents, mechanical superintendents, safety professionals, estimators, and project controllers.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to employ our fellow citizens,” said Cianbro Corporation President Andi Vigue.  “We’re bullish on hiring Maine people who possess the skills necessary to accomplish the challenging projects that Cianbro faces.  Not only will those people we are hiring become part of the largest construction firm in the Northeast, they will also become co-owners in our employee-owned company on Day One.” 

Company officials are available for interviews to offer more details about Cianbro’s immediate hiring needs.