Drilling Vessel Stena Forth Departs Maine Ahead of Schedule

The Stena Forth deep sea drilling vessel, which has been undergoing maintenance repairs off the Maine coast since June 17, is scheduled to depart the area today to continue its global mission of oil exploration.  Late last week, Cianbro finished installing the last of three new propulsion units on the vessel, known as thrusters.  Over the weekend, Stena crew members performed diagnostics on the new thrusters.  The crew completed sea trials 15 miles offshore this morning.  Stena Drilling has told Cianbro Project Manager Brian Rancourt that the trials went well, and that Stena is very satisfied with the work that Mainers were able to perform on the vessel.  The project took 12 days to complete, from start to finish, and the Stena Forth departs Maine slightly ahead of schedule.

“I am very pleased with the coordination effort and teamwork displayed by everyone involved,” said Rancourt.  “This was truly an international event that took a lot of planning and communication in a short time-frame to ensure the project did not stall.  There were essentially three different project centers: the base of operation at Prock’s facility in Rockland, the barge group at the jobsite, and the teams inside the Stena Forth.  Communication was the key to keeping all three areas working in unison.  Our crews, subcontractors, the client and their involved partners all displayed a high level of professionalism and dedication to completing the project successfully.  Now with the sea trails complete, the owner will be able to fulfill their future commitments.”

Cianbro’s Senior Project Engineer Bill Follett had this to say about the successful completion of the job:  “Cianbro crews worked very diligently, maintained a positive attitude, and were willing to work through any situation.  This can-do spirit allowed us to finish the project successfully and prove our capabilities.”

Rancourt also points out that Stena personnel were complimentary about the treatment they received while in the Rockland area.  “The Stena people tell me that they enjoyed the experience in Rockland, and felt that the local population was friendly toward the Stena Forth’s crew,” said Rancourt.

Today, Cianbro teams are dismantling the crane used in the operation, and putting equipment back onto trucks for the journey back to the company’s headquarters in Pittsfield, Maine.