Matt Marks

Chief Executive Officer

A native of South Portland, Maine, Matt Marks was selected as the Chief Executive Officer in August 2012. In 2008 he joined AGC Maine as the Chief Operations Officer. As the COO he managed the regulatory issues for the Chapter. He is a graduate of University of Southern Maine’s Applied Technical Leadership Program. In 2013, he was selected as the University of Southern Maine’s Applied Sciences Alumnus of the Year. Matt served on various active committees including the Maine Dig Safe Advisory Board, AGC Maine Education Foundation, Aquatic Resources Management Strategy Steering Committee, and the Southern Maine Community College Building Division Advisory Board. Prior to joining AGC Maine he was employed by a diversified family business that included construction, fuel, transportation and property development.

For Fun:  Matt spends his most of his free time on an athletic field with his kids or cruising the back roads of Maine with his wife in her Jeep. He would like to be an avid fly fisherman but his approach to most activities is less sportsman and more “Wreck it Ralph”. Matt reads history or action novels in between softball and baseball games.

Interesting Tidbit: Most of his family and friends call Matt for tech support even though he hasn’t been involved with that industry for more than a decade, in fact, his wife often fixes his mistakes with basic programming of the cable television remote. For more than ten years Matt studied mixed martial arts that included Hwa Rang, Muay Thai, Boxing, Penjak Silat, Escrima, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Andrea White

Finance Administrator

Andrea was born and raised in Mapleton, Maine.  Growing up in The County and the daughter of a District Forester taught her discipline and a good work ethic at a young age.  Every fall was spent splitting and stacking wood to heat the house.  She joined the AGC team in August 2016 as a temporary employee and became a permanent hire in December 2016.  Currently, she is the Office Manager and handles the operational aspect, events coordinating and is the primary contact for the Association.  She is a 1999 graduate of University of Maine at Presque Isle with a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation.  Prior to joining AGC, Andrea worked for 13 years in the banking industry.

For Fun:  Andrea enjoys being active and outdoors.  She has climbed Katahdin 5 times and been to Baxter Peak, traversed the Knife’s Edge, Pamola Peak 2 times and Chimney Pond 3 times.  Andrea is a member of the 2017 Ragnar Relay Race – Adirondacks and 2018 Ragnar Relay Race – Reach the Beach. Spare time activities include running, hiking, fishing, boating and anything outdoors.  Reading could also be added if she knew how to put the book down before 1 am!

Interesting Tidbit: Andrea was diagnosed with asthma at 9 months old and struggled for many years to stay active with frequent hospital visits.  Stubborn-ness and “wanting to be like everyone else” has motivated her to keep moving and exercising. Her first cross-country race in the 6th grade had 40 girls in the race………………………….she finished 38th!

Don Partridge

Workforce Development Director

Don Partridge is a veteran safety officer in the construction industry and has served as AGC Maine’s Workforce Development Director since 2007. Besides coordinating the Chapter’s annual training calendar, he also teaches the majority of courses offered. He currently holds many certifications including; Construction Health and Safety Technician, OSHA 500 Trainer, Adult CPR and First Aid, NCCCO Crane Operator Certifications (Articulating Boom Cranes (ABC), Articulating Boom Cranes with Winch (ABW), Boom Trucks, Fixed Cab (BTF), Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes (LBC), Lattice Boom Truck Cranes (LBT), Service Truck Cranes (STC), Telescopic Boom Cranes, Swing Cab (TLL), Telescopic Boom Cranes, Fixed Cab (TSS).
He also held master trainer status for NCCER in Construction Site Safety and attended AGC America’s Advanced Safety Management Course. He is qualified to teach rigging/signal person and work zone safety supervisor. Don also holds certifications in hazwoper, steel erection, and high angle rescue.

Since 2007 he has served as a safety officer at Bancroft Contracting in South Paris. Before joining Bancroft, he held positions at Reed & Reed and Cianbro. Don currently chairs a self-insured group and is the former chairman of the AGC Maine Workforce Development Committee and 2007 recipient of Chair of the Year.

For Fun:  Don is a man of many talents. He is known for learning to operate anything that floats, rolls or flies and that includes earning his pilot’s license just a few years ago. When he raced snowmobiles, he was so well known in the industry for problem-solving a large manufacturer called him for advice when they ran into a glitch.
Interesting Tidbit: Don started his career as a police officer in the Town of Wilton. When he has free time, Don can be found cruising the dirt roads of Greenville with his wife or burning down a trail on his sled during winter.