AGC Maine’s apprenticeship program provides career pathways for students, parents, and educators in the construction industry. Each of our companies can modify the general conditions of the craft positions by the core content remains the same across members ensuring that participants learn what is necessary for their craft.

How does an apprenticeship work? Apprentices learn and earn a paycheck at the same time. During work hours you are supervised and expected to complete on the job education. Each year apprentices complete at least 144 hours of classroom time, and that varies depending on the company and craft. During milestones, typically determined by time, the apprentice earns a pay increase. The duration of apprenticeship can last a little as one year, or in our case, the most right now are five years. The length of time really depends on the craft and how much information you need to learn.

Candidates for apprenticeship are the sole decision of the hiring company. AGC Maine provides the templates for the company to educate, provide on the job training and assist with compliance. To help connect students and applicants to apprenticeship opportunities we’ve set up an interest form. By submitting, you agree to share your interest with companies hiring apprentices or direct hire in your area or places where you selected as opportunities. To be clear, this is not an application, we do not hire, we simply help connect interested parties. If you have questions, feel free to call 622-4741.

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If you would like to learn more about crafts and the need in Maine, please visit our friends at Build Your Future.